CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) is a military painting specification designed to protect equipment in the event of chemical warfare and to facilitate the decontamination process in the event of such an attack. The paint is designed to repel biological and radioactive chemical contaminations from penetrating the coating and substrate. In addition, the coating is also resistant to the chemicals that would be used in the decontamination process.

The painting process is spelled out by the military and usually requires several coating operations, testing and certification to assure quality with the specified materials being purchased from approve sources. We do stock an array of paints and primers for these specifications, however these products are limited by their certified shelf life.

During operation Desert Storm, Powers Paint Shop, Inc. produced a weekly supply of non-shat fire suppression systems on a do not fail basis. We shipped over fifteen thousand units in a one year period without a single reject. Each part received four spray operations consisting of a primer coat and three individual color paint operations with curing and masking between coats. The tolerance for the stripes was less than .05, for which we developed a special fixture to insure masking accuracy.

Recently, we have supplied component parts for the CROWS: Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station. This is the gun mount platform that is employed on the personnel carrier that is currently being used in the Middle East.
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