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    Powers Paint Shop, Inc is one of the most versatile providers of custom painting utilizing conventional spray painting methods. We specialize in spray painting a wide variety of liquid coatings that are designed to meet our customer specifications. Our primary function is to apply decorative and protective coatings to metal and plastic component parts for industry. We pride ourselves in our quality workmanship, outstanding service and competitive pricings with satisfaction guaranteed.

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    CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) is a military painting specification designed to protect equipment in the event of chemical warfare and to facilitate the decontamination process in the event of such an attack. The paint is designed to repel biological and radioactive chemical contaminations from penetrating the coating and substrate. In addition, the coating is also resistant to the chemicals that would be used in the decontamination process.

    The painting process is spelled out by the military and usually requires several coating operations, testing and certification to assure quality with the specified materials being purchased from approve sources. We do stock an array of paints and primers for these specifications, however these products are limited by their certified shelf life.

    During operation Desert Storm, Powers Paint Shop, Inc. produced a weekly supply of non-shat fire suppression systems on a do not fail basis. We shipped over fifteen thousand units in a one year period without a single reject. Each part received four spray operations consisting of a primer coat and three individual color paint operations with curing and masking between coats. The tolerance for the stripes was less than .05, for which we developed a special fixture to insure masking accuracy.

    Recently, we have supplied component parts for the CROWS: Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station. This is the gun mount platform that is employed on the personnel carrier that is currently being used in the Middle East.

  • Yellow Military Specifications Painting

    Powers Paint Shop, Inc has provided CARC painting service for over fifteen years. In addition to CARC painting, we are also well versed in painting to other Department of Defense Specifications. This includes masking to print, priming, top coating and oven curing as well as certification of the processes involved.

    We can also assist with meeting many of the preparatory specifications that may be required. We provide service for many proto-type parts, low volume runs and also production runs.

    We stock a number of primers and paints such as:

    • DOD-P-15328
    • MIL-PRF-22750F
    • MIL-P-53022B
    • MIL-C-53039A
    • TT-P-1757B
    • TT-E-527
    • MIL-PRF-23377J
    • MIL-PRF-85285D

  • Steel Tubes

    Powers Paint Shop, Inc. has a five stage immersion system for cleaning a variety of substrates and the application of iron phosphate coating. This is a standard industrial process that provides an excellent surface for painting at an economical rate.

    The stages and process consist of a mixed metal cleaner followed by a rinse. The iron phosphate is then applied and again followed by a rinse. The final state is a non-chrome seal that is employed to keep steel from flash rusting before the painting operation.

    After the cleaning and phosphate process, the parts are then dried and prepared for the painting operation. Many of these parts will require custom masking as based on our customer specifications.

  • EMI/RFI coating

    Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) are electromagnetic waves generated by electronic devices which may negatively affect other or similar electronic devices. EMI and RFI Shielding, as we apply it, is a wet spray operation primarily used in electronic devices such as computers and medical devices. The purpose of the coating is to shield the unit from other frequency signals that may interfere with the functionality of the device.

    We are currently supplying over 15,000 painted parts per month for use in airplanes. The assembled unit is part of the next generation of in-flight communication and entertainment systems. The part will provide a myriad of uses such as a telephone, internet connections, and in flight entertainment such as movies, music and games.

    We test the ohm resistance and document and certify our production. We can apply your selected coating, recommend coating that we currently work with or develop a procedure to meet your needs. Our featured EMI coating is Electrodag 438, which is an acrylic lacquer that is compatible with most plastics that are commonly used in electronic cabinetry equipment. Electrodag 438 will yield an ohm resistance of less than <0.1.

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    Powers Paint Shop has been one of the leading service providers of painting and paint finishing services since 1952. We offer a very wide variety of paint types and finishes. We use Polyurethanes and epoxy based paint, which are good for tough chemical resistant coating applications, acrylic finishes, EMI coatings (electro magnetic interference), RFI coatings (radio frequency interference), baking enamels, latex, alkyd, military specifications coating, and C.A.R.C. or Chemical Agent Resistance Coating. Whatever the requested finish may be, we are confident that we can meet your requirements.

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    At Powers Paint Shop, we provide a customized service, each client is unique with parts that may require a specific application. We take a great amount of pride in understanding exactly how to paint each part in order to meet desired specifications. We provide a complete service from start to finish, listed below is our standards of operation:

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